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Caring for those who care for others!

    Tracy L. Singh, RN, JD is a Registered Nurse and a licensed attorney (Jurisdiction Doctorate). All matters are handled with integrity.  Each case is carefully assessed with specific strategic planning for the most favorable outcome.  With the end-goal in mind, we place emphasis on prevention to protect your license long-term. 
    At LOTLS, we understand what it is like to be under investigation and guilty or not, we are here to support you through the investigation process with the least amount of stress possible. 
    As a client-centered practice, we are dedicated to caring for those who care for others.  License protection is our passion...this is ALL WE DO!

  1. Applications:
    New & Renewal application language can be confusing. Some responses may trigger an audit or investigation and risk possible action. If in doubt, consult with us before you apply!
  2. Complaints:
    Anyone can submit a complaint any time for any reason. Anything you say can and will be used against you. If you receive a board complaint, consult with us before you respond!
  3. Audits:
    Audits may be issued at any time with or without cause. Improper, untimely or incomplete responses may result in disciplinary action. When in doubt, consult with us before you comply!
  4. Prevention:
    Learning how to avoid malpractice and/or complaints is the best way to protect your license. For an external review of protocols & practice issues, consult with us to avoid a complaint!
  Protect Your License

Tracy L. Singh:  Registered Nurse * Licensed Attorney * Counselor at Law

Client-centered practice dedicated to taking care of those who care for others:
While keeping the end-goal in mind, we are here to help protect your license for the length of your career,
not just to get you through the pressing issues of the moment.  

Should I apply?

Should I self-report?

Should I have malpractice insurance?

Like most states, Nevada has its own way of doing things. Nevada Boards are tough on licensees and in some cases, quick to deny.  Knowing when ​NOT to apply can be just as important in avoiding disciplinary action.  If you have been arrested or have a history of criminal or disciplinary actions, consult with us for pre-application strategic planning for the best possible outcome.  If you have already been denied or revoked, consult with us before submitting anything further.
Some may recommend that you turn yourself in to the board believing they may go easier on you if you self-report instead of waiting for a complaint.  While this may be true in very limited circumstances,  you could be putting yourself at significant risk for disciplinary action. If you are considering a self-report to the board, please give us a call first to discuss your options.
Some employers advise against carrying your own insurance; claiming it is not necessary.  However, most employer plans do not cover board complaints; especially after termination.  It is important to have your own representation to avoid conflicts of interest and ensure advocacy of your rights and protection of your interests.  Don't be left uncovered...get your own malpractice insurance and make sure board complaints are included in your policy.