Healthcare License Defense

If you work in the healthcare field,
you are never really "off" duty. Know your rights before leaving that stehescope at home so you don't face hanging it up for good.

Our practice is dedicated to helping to protect your license before and after a complaint is made. Our focus is two-fold...
prevention and defense.  

Over the past several years, we have noticed an increasing prominence of bullying, workplace hostility and predatory witch-hunt behaviors in healthcare settings throughout Nevada.  If you are thinking it must just be your particular manager, the facility you work for, or perhaps that provider who everyone knows is difficult, think again...the grass is not necessarily greener elsewhere.  

At at the Law Offices of Tracy L. SIngh, we recognize that many complaints are the result of several issues more complicated than just the incident in question. We work not only to defend against the allegations which may have been presented against you 'this time' but, also to help reduce the likelihood of having a complaint (or another complaint) in the future.  

Like in medicine, prevention is key. We don't just treat the symptom, or pending complaint...we also look at the underlying causes of a complaint and build a strategy tailored for you to empower you to have the best outcome now and in the future. Don't wait for a complaint to take preventative action...call us now to learn how you can protect your license and your career.



Whether you are concerned about something in your past knowing there will be questions when you apply for your Nevada license, or you are having issues at work making you nervous about possible termination and/or reports to the Board, now is the time to call.

We can help you plan and prepare for the best possible outcome BEFORE you apply and BEFORE there is a formal complaint.

Even if disciplinary action seems inevitable, it may not be as bad as you think....it also could be worse than you have been led to believe so, call us now to discuss how you may achieve the best results possible for you, your license, and ultimately, your patients.
There is nothing like the sinking feeling when you find that envelope waiting for you from the Nevada State Board. Many experience a rush of adrenaline as they contemplate opening it to see what they could possibly want knowing it can't be good.

Anyone may send a complaint against any healthcare provider at any time for any reason. Whether the allegations are true or not, we can help support you through the process while we work towards the best outcome, all things considered. 

While there may be typical scenarios in healthcare, every case is unique. Even where multiple people are involved in one incident, the resulting actions may vary greatly among them depending on variables you may not be aware of. Call us first...before matters get worse.
  1. Education
    With a passion for prevention, Tracy Singh often serves as Guest Speaker and educator for students entering the healthcare profession and licensed professionals, alike. Tracy is available for lectures on general and specific topics, workshops and other customized educational events upon request. Call now for a quote and to book Tracy Singh for your next class, training session or professionally organized event.
  2. Audits
    Anything you submit (or not) may be used against you in the face of an audit and time may be of the essence. When in doubt, it is better to be safe than sorry. Call us as soon as you receive notice of an audit or request for documentation to protect your rights and avoid preventable action.
  3. Strategic Planning
    Pre-application strategic planning has proven to be quite effective in mitigating one's circumstances and improving the chances of success when it comes time to apply for a new license, renew a license or apply to reinstate one. We work with other attorneys and providers to keep your license a main priority.
  4. Practice Review
    Preventative medicine for your healthcare license may start with a comprehensive review of your current practices, patterns and beliefs. We consult with nurses and healthcare providers at all levels to evaluate how formal complaints may be avoided.
  5. Formal Representation
    If you receive Notice of the Board's intent to deny your application, or Investigation into a Complaint submitted against you, call our office as soon as possible to preserve your rights, seek competent legal counsel and retain formal representation in defense of your license.
  6. Motions for Reconsideration
    When all else fails, or when action is taken without your knowledge and unjust action is taken, we may be able to file a Motion for Reconsideration. MFRs (or appeals) are extremely difficult to win and we take these motions very seriously. If you believe you have been unjustly disciplined, don't delay any further, give us a call now for review of your case.